IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing  – the perfect strategy for SMEs

Kung-Fu - a combination of methods addresses challenges.In today’s on-demand world, Small-to-Medium Enterprises are consistently challenged to deliver services and information responsively and responsibly. Speed is essential for successful engagement, and tight security is increasingly needed to safeguard organisational assets.

Remove the time-sink that is self-managed IT

At all times, you need pro-active management of IT services and infrastructure. Organisational IT must scale and adapt to meet new challenges.  To end-users, this could be achieved by a simple helpdesk request or, more comprehensively, though a development strategy to attain greater visibility of processes.

The strengths of office + cloud-based infrastructure

To ensure 100% service delivery and systems availability for your organisation, systems should be both local and remote.  Local systems, for example your office server and desktop machines, would be the primary source of your data.  Remote systems, such as off-site backup and shared internet mailboxes, form a secondary tier which adds operational redundancy and business continuity.  Combining the strengths of both provides a win-win for your organisation: you gain the security and robustness of a local solution, while benefiting from the agility that cloud-based solutions provide.

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