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Beware – outsourcing your IT might bring about inner calm!

We can provide huge cost savings to your business. If you are still using a Microsoft Small Business Server package or another expensive, proprietary solution where the licensing is per-server and/or per-seat, be prepared: a Linux server to support your Windows® network costs a lot less, is no hassle in regard to licensing compliance and is robust and dependable.

After consultation and installation, you can rest assured that your Linux server will run for many years, securely, trouble-free.

Harnessing the hybrid cloud

More often than not, your information workers will need mobility, flexibility and security. Using a combination of office and cloud server systems, you can achieve full flexibility at a fraction of the cost of more expensive, proprietary networking solutions.

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Warp Universal provides a range of key internet, cloud and system services. For over 10 years, we have provided solutions for organisations small and large, ranging from charities, to NHS trusts, utilities and infrastructure providers, to private companies of all sizes and sectors.

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