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consultancy & training

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Learn how to use Free Software effectively!

bringing you up to speed

If you ask the average consultant about “Free Software on the desktop”,you can expect him to dismiss it out of hand quickly with an off-the-cuff and ill-considered remark.  Sadly, this demonstrates that he either knows little about it, or he is unprepared to offer you alternatives.

Don’t believe a nay-sayer – using Free Software effectively is no hurdle.  But sometimes a little help can go a long way.

train to gain

By taking on some training, you stand to achieve immediate productivity gains which might otherwise only be found “the long way” – by reading extensive documentation.  Although you might be advised to “Read The Friendly Manual”, sometimes training provides the quickest and most effective win.

Contact us for information on available training sessions.

getting back in control

Training is an effective means to becoming more productive in known areas quickly.  But what if you need to explore new areas of work that you have previously had little or no experience in?  How do you proceed?  How do you prioritise?

Our software consultancy serves two core objectives:

  1. to clarify your operational goals, and
  2. defining a path to achieving them.

Having clarity of mind, to see through your key objectives effectively, is critical for efficient operations.  Enquire about our one-on-one consultancy today.

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