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web development

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Get creative with Warp – the web is your oyster!

We provide bespoke web development to cater for the increasingly diverse organisational requirements in the 21st century. With the emergence of the mobile web, supporting the major platforms is a clear development requirement for any brand.

But a tree with many branches requires strong roots. All of our web development is built upon the proven “LAMP stack”, consisting of the Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database server and PHP scripting technology.

Solutions can be both “back-end” (consisting mainly of “business logic” development which resides on the web server), “front-end” (which is mainly interface development, including creation and development of visual templates to support multiple devices), or a mixture of the two.

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A simple example is a contact form on a web page (see ours!). This page requires both front-end development, to help display the form fields and any messages that the enquirer may need to see, while the back-end development would include handling of the submitted form data, sending an email with that data to the site host, and redirecting the enquirer to a “thank you” page.

When you begin to explore the user experience from this logical perspective, you will understand why choosing quality bespoke development is so important to the success of your web site.



Contact us if you are considering how to develop your web site. You may be concerned about visual design aspects – will it fit an iPad’s screen, for instance, or perhaps you may be concerned about the quality of the development – is it search engine “friendly”? We can answer all of your questions in this regard – contact us now!

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