Privacy policy

maintaining your privacy & our integrity

Being free software advocates and enthusiasts, it is important to us that we respect your right to privacy while browsing our web site.  This is why we detail, below, the methods we use to analyse visitor behaviour in order to keep relevant to people’s needs and expectations.

Data non-sharing principles

The data you send to us is not shared with any third party*.  Period.  We will do our absolute utmost to keep it that way.


We use three methods of gathering visitor statistics:

  • Server-side, log file analysis (AWStats, Webalizer)
  • Piwik (JavaScript-based web analytics)
  • Google Analytics (JavaScript-based web analytics)

AWStats and Webalizer provide us with core information about how busy our server is during the day, week and month and what pages are most popular.  It is, by virtue of its older approach, less “intelligent” than modern “analytics” software.

Piwik analytics is provided by the Piwik free software project.  Our installation is hosted at  In order to judge how we might best serve your needs, it is important for us to understand who is visiting our web site(s), what operating systems they use, where they are approximately situated and so on.  Piwik allows us to do this while keeping your visit data away from media agencies with other commercial agendas.

By default, Piwik supports DoNotTrack – a privacy implementation supported in popular web browsers.  Piwik is recognised as “the only tool that can easily ensure full compliance with privacy regulations“, by the Center for Data Privacy Protection in France.

In addition, we acknowledge that as a very small team in a highly competitive market, we need to use tools which give us every advantage.  For this reason, we use Google Analytics too.  Whilst we are keen to preserve your privacy, commercially to be viable we must stay informed.  Google Analytics helps us here.

We humbly ask that you allow us to track your visit and interaction on our site.  However, we understand if you prefer to not be tracked.  If you feel this way, perhaps we can help with IT security implementation for your organisation? 😉

Enabling DoNotTrack

To switch off tracking in your browser, see the appropriate links below: (please be aware that clicking on these links will send a Referrer header to those search engines)

Other means or protecting yourself

If you use Ghostery, NoScript or other JavaScript/cookie-blocking browser plugins, you will be able to block Piwik cookies and/or JavaScript executing at  However, our Piwik embedded code also has a noscript tag, so you may be better off blocking that too or just allowing JavaScript from this domain (to allow DoNotTrack to work properly).

You can, of course, also use the Tor Browser Bundle which will help to keep you anonymous while browsing anywhere.

Feedback welcome!

If you are concerned about an issue of personal privacy/identity, have a general question about your IT security or feel we could do better with our privacy policy, please get in touch!


* except illegal mass surveillance conducted by government agencies without warrant or cause.

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